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Transfer Cassette to CD specializes digitizing old cassettes and transferring them to CD's, Flash or Hard Drives at a reasonable price. We utilize the best software to assist us in cleaning up and enhancing the audio so your CD's will sound better that the original tapes. We are  committed to providing the best customer service in the business.  Testimonials.

Transfer Cassette to CD- What's Included

  • Digitally Transfer your
    Cassette to a CD
  • Noise Reduction -FREE
  • Indexing - FREE
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  • Normalization - FREE (Amplification if needed)
  • Removal of blank space between sides - FREE
  • Full Color Label - FREE Artwork Examples
  • Unbreakable Slim Line Jewel Case- FREE Examples

Tape broken? We can fix it.

Transfer Cassette to CD - Discount Pricing

Number of Tapes to Transfer 


Price per Tape

1- 10



11 - 25



26 - 50



51- 100



101 - 500



501 - 750



751 - 1000



1001 +


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   Flash drive

Save 5% on your project when you have your transfers put on an external hard drive or flash drive. You can supply your own or we can provide one for you. An 8GB Flash drive runs $10.  Contact Us for more info.

    Additional Copies

Additional copies of your new CDs are just 6.95. They will be exactly the same as the newly transferred CD.

We keep all transfers on file for 30 days so in the event you need additional copies, we can  get them to you quickly. There's no  need to re-send us your recordings. 

How to Order

Just wanted to let you know that the CD and tape arrived yesterday.  I really appreciate the work you did with putting the message all together on the CD -- its much easier to listen to and I am relieved to listen to the recording without worrying about the tape breaking and knowing that in a worst case scenario I have the tape as a back up.  Thank you for taking such good care of something that is truly irreplaceable.  Ellen

THANK YOU so much for rescuing" my favorite kindergarten songs.  I know my students will enjoy the songs in the years to come. It was a pleasure to do business with your company. Thanks again,Denise

You have made my day! It is a tape of me talking to my parents 28 years ago about my prenancy while I was with the Army in South Korea, I had a great son then I always threatened to tatoo the baby with "made in Korea"! He is a wonderful man and will be coming to visit in 2 weeks, it seems if I get this on the way in the morning, I should have it back it time for him to come home for his class reunion. Patricia

I received the CDs and they are great. Considering what you had to work with, you did a marvelous job.RoseMarie

We received the CD Tapes yesterday. They were Great! Thank you so much...Bruce was excited to hear his Uncle, Grandmother, Aunt and cousins....It is always nice to see a smile on someones face. Thanks again. Robin